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Class Action Practice

Through his class-based litigation efforts, Steven Miller and his co-counsel have obtained in excess of $100,000,000 in back wages, along with substantial injunctive relief and other benefits on behalf of thousands of workers throughout California. Employment class action litigation is the firm’s core practice area. We believe class action litigation is a powerful tool for curbing employer abuses because it allows only one or two persons to bring a lawsuit on behalf of an entire group of employees who have the same grievance with their employer and have their claims decided in a single case. We bring class action lawsuits to vindicate the rights of aggrieved employees and bring about a change in a company’s policy with respect to its treatment of employees. We are currently counsel or co-counsel in multiple class action cases representing employees in class actions involving wage and hour violations, unpaid wage claims, and employment discrimination issues against major California employers. We take great pride in protecting and promoting employee rights. No case is too big or too small when an employee is being economically exploited.

Notable Class Action Cases

As lead counsel or co-counsel, Steven Miller has recovered millions of dollars for employees in groundbreaking class action cases:

  • Bowman v. UBS – $44 million – overtime and reimbursement for expenses
  • Dear v. JV Industrial – $6 million – unpaid wages
  • Greene v. Federated Retail – $4.912 million – paying employees with out of state checks
  • Saligado v. Driveline Retail Merchandising – $4.5 million – unpaid wages
  • Cano v. Accor – $4.25 million – unpaid Compensation and Compensation from out of state company
  • Rodriguez v. Guitar Center – $3.5 million – unpaid Compensation and meal breaks
  • Fleming v. Dollar Tree – $2.99 million – paying employees with out of state checks
  • Elibsy v. Pizza Hut of Southeastern Kansas – $2 million – unpaid wages and out of state checks
  • Avila v. T-Bird – $2 million – unpaid wages
  • Enabit v. Petsmart – $2 million – unpaid wages
  • Gonzales v. McAfee – $1.327 million – unpaid wages
  • Giles v. Mobile Solutions – $1 million – unpaid wages
  • Lucero v. Tharldson – $1 million – out of state paycheck
  • Hernandez v. Toys R Us – $700,000 – unpaid wages
  • King v. Closet World -$475,000 – expense reimbursement
  • Corrado v. Valero – $400,000 – out of state checks